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Cosmetic Jars

River offer two styles of Cosmetic Jars.

The 300ml Cosmetic Jar was our first jar to have a flush fitting Lid, and features elegant smooth edges, top and bottom.

Edge Jars - 200ml, 350ml & 500ml

The Edge jars form a family of three Jars with matching lids. This range features flush fitting lids as well as a modern crisp outline. All three Edge Jars can be specified in Gloss or Matt finish. Lids can be supplied with internal Bore Seal or Induction Heat Seal Wadded.

  • Both jars and Lids are made from Polypropylene.
  • All sizes are available in white and natural as standard.
  • Other colours are available subject to minimum order quantities.
  • We also produce our Jars in in high clarity PP, as an alternative to PET.
Size (ml) Ext. Neck
Diameter (mm)
Height (mm) Brimful Volume (ml) Lid Size (mm)
300 77 74 365 84
200 edge 86 47 260 90
350 edge 86 71 420 90
500 edge 86 97 520 90


White, Natural Jars & Lids

All our plastic containers and lids are available in white and natural as standard. Natural or High Clarity Containers. Natural containers are translucent with good contact clarity to allow you to see the contents.

Coloured Jars & Lids

Various standard colours can be made available as standard, or we can match your plastic jar to a colour that you specify, subject to minimum order quantities.

High clarity polypropylene is available by request where clearer jars are required, for example, as an alternative to PET.

100% Recycled Plastic

We can manufacture all of our Jars and most of our Lids from 100% Recycled plastic, if requested. These are suitable for non-food-approved applications. Additionally, we are pleased that ALL of our standard Jars and Lids are suitable and marked for recycling.

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Smooth Style

The 50ml to 800ml wide-mouth Jars are available with Ribbed or Smooth edge finish giving you two distinct styles for the same jar to best suit your Market.

The clean styled Smooth finish gives lighter, modern, slick flowing lines and an altogether more elegant pack, suitable for beauty or cosmetic applications.

River Packaging are dedicated to excellence in injection moulding and are committed to the highest standards of quality and service.

Through the continual training and development of our highly-skilled staff and use of the latest technology, we are determined to offer exceptional quality at the most competitive cost.